OneWater in brief

OneWater – Eau Bien Commun is a national research programme on continental freshwater jointly run by the CNRS, the BRGM (the French geological survey), and INRAE, supported by 10 academic partners. As the environment suffers from increased climatic and anthropogenic pressure, this programme seeks to develop research in the field of water to change the paradigm and have water recognized as a common good. OneWater – Eau Bien Commun has been granted a ten-year budget of €53 million, funded by the Plan France 2030 investment plan. OneWater aims to speed up transitions and measure the impact of global change on socio-ecosystems through six major scientific challenges. In fostering dialogue between science and society, One Water is helping to federate a multi-stakeholder ‘water community’.

Learn more about the OneWater - Eau Bien Commun exploratory national research programme, run jointly by the CNRS, the BRGM and INRAE.

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      scientific challenges

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      French research organisations involved

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      years to support the transitions

    • 53.00
      million euros to further research and innovation

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